Main Publications

  1. F. Zoueshtiagh, P. J. Thomas, V. Thomy, A. Merlen

  Micrometric Granular Ripple Patterns in a Capillary Tube.

  Physical Review Letters  100, 054501 (2008)

  selected for the February 18, 2008 issue of

  Virtual  Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology.

  1. A. Merlen, F. Zoueshtiagh, P. J. Thomas, V. Thomy

   Micrometric ripples in a capillary tube, the effect of micro gravity

   Micro gravity Sciences and technology. vol XIX/3-4, pp. 60 - 61

  1. A. Merlen, P. Brunet

   Impact of drops on non-wetting biomimetic surfaces

Journal of Bionic Engineering 6 (2009) 264-269

  1. P. Brunet, F. Lapierre, F. Zoueshtiagh, V. Thomy, and A. Merlen

To grate  a liquid into tiny droplets by its impact on a hydrophobic micro-grid

Applied Physic Letter 95, 254102, 2009, doi :10.1063/1.3275709

  1. Olivier Ducloux, Elisabeth Galopin, Farzam Zoueshtiagh, Alain Merlen, and

Vincent Thomy

Enhancement of biosensing performances in a droplet-based Bioreactor by in-situ micro-   streaming.

  Biomicrofluidics 4, 1-1 2010,

  selected for

  Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research, Feb. 2010